3 Technology Trends that Will Rule 2016

Technology is rooted in your system, more so than ever before. Ever year we pass, we are getting more inclined towards a future with higher technological dependency. Which is why, the hottest trends in technology are related to automation and artificial intelligence.

In 2016, these are the 3 technological trends that will dominate the list.

1. Artificial Intelligence

We’ve been talking about AI for a long time. Previously, it had only been in movies and out imagination. But now, it is becoming a reality.

It started with AI apps like CleverBot, which can reply to your queries and has the ability to learn from humans. Now it is turning into a more serious business as the biggest tech companies in the world like Facebook and Google are investing their time and resources on Artificial Intelligence.

Undoubtedly, the future is AI. And we have also been warned about it’s dangers by Bill Gates and Elon Musk. However, it will definitely be the leading trend in technology this year. And we are likely going to see some development on the subject.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been a trend throughout 2015 and will continue to be so in 2016. Last year has been the year of prototypes, but this year is going to be the commercial release of VR headsets.

Facebook got serious about VR as they acquired Occulus and are putting their efforts into building a product that appeals to everyone. Apple has put up a secret team to jump-start their Virtual Reality sector and Google is putting quite an effort on it as well.

So, from these developments, we can certainly say that Virtual Reality will dominate the list this year.

3. Self-Driving Cars

This is arguably the most debated issue in the tech world. Are self-driving cars a good idea? Who is to blame if they get into an accident?

But tech companies like Apple, Tesla and Google continue their efforts into building self-driving smart cars that they imagine will dominate the streets in the future.

Self-driving cars will not be a common scenario in the streets of 2016, but the topic will certainly be trending all year round. We will also likely see a lot of development on this sector from the large tech companies spending so much of their resources on this.

Other than these three trends, there will be new emerging innovations. But these three will continue to dominate the charts all year round.

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