A Fitbit bracelet works as a pregnancy detector if pay attention

Some of the most popular gadgets when it comes to monitoring the exercise, Fitbit seems bracelets can monitor heart rate.

If you’ve made a significant investment in a smart bracelet in the last few years, it’s likely that incorporate a module for analyzing heart rate constantly throughout the day.

Much of Fitbit creations come with it, and Apple Watch is one of the SmartWatch sites which boasts the same functionality.

After a few weeks ago I learn that someone recorded the exact time of a breakup through a smart watch day was confirmed that a bracelet Fitbit functioned as a pregnancy test. It all started with a data set that apparently wrong smart band site has recorded until the end of several days.

Fitbit site “my wife always displays as rapid heart rate recorded in the last few days. In two days, one day seemingly normal, recorded 10 hours of a fat burning zone, something that I see as impossible by relying on its activities. Also, calories seem to be recorded properly. I imagine that if they figure in the fat burning burn a bunch of calories, but something does not line up.” When David Trinidad, the husband of the mother noticed that Fitbit does not seem to function in the parameters of his view, the script posted on a forum Not having much time before receiving the good news.

Through a patchwork of solutions more were less possible, someone I suggested to David that his wife may be pregnant. At that time, the couple purchased several pregnancy tests and all have positive ETSI.

The logic discrepancy between records Fitbit is that when a woman is pregnant, heart rate increases her because the heart works harder to push a quantity of blood significantly higher towards the womb, an action that translates into a heart rate measured increased.

After a visit to a gynecologist, came the official confirmation. Ivonne Trinidad is five weeks pregnant and both mother and baby are healthy.

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