LG G5 officially launches the same day with Galaxy S7

High-end smartphone fans will see the launch terminals top of the year, LG G5, and Galaxy S7 late.

The last few years have not shown significant evidence of innovation in mobile phones, but according to most rumors, LG G5 might be a little out of the box.

I was sure that the LG will hold a separate conference at Mobile World Congress 2016 since a month ago. But I was not convinced that will be the exact date of the event and if the long-awaited G5 LG will enter the spotlight all the time. The answers to all these questions we received yesterday via Twiter purpose of teaser images.

Thus, we find that the LG G5 will be officially launched on February 21. If your date is known it is because Samsung has planned to launch Galaxy S7 conference on exactly the same day. The event format is different than last year when LG waited until after the conclusion of mobile trade fair to announce the flagship in 2015.

Clearly, official details about the terminal are still only rumors. South Koreans were shy to bring us to know more about one of the features of phones.

But that does not stop us dreaming. Accordingevleaks, the new LG G5 has some particularities have to integrate aesthetic and functionality in LG V10, including a second display, a fingerprint reader, and the main camera with two lenses. 820 Snapdragon SoC nimbly should also make their presence felt. The entire casing of the phone should be metal and, at least, part of the back cover should be removable to accommodate a removable battery that slides easily inside.

I saw some references to online and some modules to extend the functionality of the device, but it’s hard to say whether it will materialize in any way.

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