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Simple Guide for Running Xbox 360 Emulator on PC

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When we first started reviewing things like emulation software we were quite skeptical about it but soon we realized that it is not that difficult to understand. While Xbox 360 emulator proved to be one of the toughest ones to make so far , it is now in development phase and i hope that it will be 100% ready for use in first quarter of 2014. At the moment i’d like to introduce one of the latest emulators , and it is called PC-x360 emulator.

Xbox Emulator

A recent Xbox Emulator 4.2.3 beta version has been introduced on Emulator Spot. Not only does it feature a complete redesign of the interface , it changes some core features that you will understand if you are tech savvy but an ordinary user like me is interested in only few new features that will make my gaming easier.

New Features :

The most interesting ones i managed to find are :

  • Auto updates (i love this , not only you do not have to go to the official website to check for updates every few days , you can get these automatically when you run the tool , really nice)
  • New options tab (i somewhat preferred the old one but it is still good and looks much better)
  • No BIOS required (this one is huge , not only you do not need the Xbox 360 Emulator BIOS , but it will run much faster now)
  • Support for some of the new games such as GTA 5
  • Emulator now supports Mac OS and you can read more about it on this post
  • Automatic optimization according to PC specifications

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Habbo Hotel Review after 12 years – Coin Cheats Guide

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There are not many games that remain popular after 12+ years of being played. Habbo Hotel is certainly one of the games that retained its popularity even though it was launched in year 2000. So lets see what makes this game so great and after that we will list some habbo cheats that will help those who want to make their game a bit more interesting.

Game Review:

Habbo Hotel

Well , for fans of browser games habbo needs no introduction , but if you are new , its a game that you can play via your favorite browser and log in from any computer. Making an account is rather easy and only requires an email. When it was released it quickly spread all over the Europe and a bit later in US. Around 230 million users were registered in 2012 and its all moderated by around 200 moderators from Sulake, company that made Habbo.

There are many things you can do in this game and first thing you will notice when you log in is that you can go to your room or you can visit public areas. Your own room can be decorated in many ways and this part you will slowly discover yourself. The game has a currency system , habbo coins or credits which are used to buy all sort of stuff including furni (furniture). These credits can be earned in-game through various means and it can be bought using real life money. You can also use habbo hack or cheats to increase the amount of credits but i suggest that in this case you read our review of cheat engine developed by Cheatspot.net.

 Habbo cheats engine review:

Habbo Cheats and Hack engine

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How to use PSN Code Generator – Giveaway Guide 2013

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Playstation Network Store

Often , members ask around what is the best way to get free points and credits to popular console currency like PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Since PS3 and Xbox 360 are without doubt the most popular consoles we will try to provide some sort of guides on how you can get these points for free. For example, PSN made a system for using real life currency like US dollar and Euro for their Playstation network shop, while Xbox live still have points called Microsoft Points. For this post we will mainly focus on How to get Free PSN Codes and use the tool called psn card generator to get these codes.

What is PSN Code Generator ?

There are many tools that bear this name but not many of them are good enough for you to use , and some even have viruses and other malware. For that reason we decided to show you something different that still has the name of psn code generator.

What are Giveaway based Generators and why to use them?

PSN Generator 2013

This is example of the generator we were talking about

While some generators claim to be the hack , this giveaway based psn generator is not a hack and it contains the free psn codes that are loaded each day as part of the daily giveaway. These codes are donated from sponsors and can be claimed by any member that decides to use the generator and download the database of these codes.
We always tell our members to look for giveaways not for hacks , because it will make your codes 100% legit and your accounts safe.

When you download all activity that you done on Giveaway host website at http://Giftcardsbay.com , such as liking , sharing and others will be calculated and you will get the number of codes depending on how much entries you have. Some members claim that they got 3+ codes in single day , for example 50$, 20$ and 10$ free psn codes. This is a great way to to get legit codes that will not disappear after few days like with some “hacks”.

Our advice is to get few entries , download database for the type of codes that you want and see, sometimes you will get 2-3 codes , sometimes only one and if you dont have entries , some members will get no codes if they are claimed for today. But you can always try downloading tomorrow another database for psn code generator and daily giveaway and try again.

Steam Controller: Developers Weigh In

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Following Valve’s announcement of the Steam Controller last week, many people were left asking the same question: what will it feel like?

While IGN probably won’t get its hands on Valve’s first hardware for some time, we reached out to a few developers who have already been lucky enough to test out the prototype. It’s still early and the final controller hasn’t been finished (as Valve mentioned last week, these protoypes “have four buttons in place of the touch screen and require a USB cable”), but these early thoughts give us our first insight into exactly how Valve’s controller might change gaming moving forward. Continue reading