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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

After months of rumours, TransferWise, the London-headquartered money transfer startup, and fintech darling, has confirmed that it has raised a further round of funding.

Opera shareholders
This sale will unlock access to the Chinese market for Opera, which should bring a new wave of users to the Opera product line.

Samsung VR Games
So what are the best games you could play on this device? What games will show you the way to VR game future?

galaxy s7, s7 edge, T-mobile
The replace weighs in at 43mb and bumps the firmware version to g930tuvs3apd8 on the s7 and g935tuvu3apd8 at the s7 Edge.

Google Home
Google Home took first place in our poll, snatching up 31.29 percent of the votes. In second place was Google Assistant with a solid 25.33 percent.

Ziro is a nifty hand-controlled robotics kit for kids
I’ve talked with ZeroUI, the company behind Ziro a few weeks ago. Their prototype was already working quite well and a couple of kids immediately started playing with it.

Samsung Gear Fit 2
Latest photos of the Samsung Gear Fit 2 have appeared online to reveal an upcoming device you’ll be able to use to keep fit.

Google for Education
Google announced the launch of Science Journal, an app designed for Android enthusiasts of science, called Google for Education.

Moto G4 Plus
Lenovo unveiled the Moto G4 Plus in India last week, offering two variants: A base model with 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage for ₹13,499

Galaxy S7 edge billboard
That’s certainly the case with Samsung’s billboard showcasing the Galaxy S7 edge in Sokol, Moscow, which is 80 meters high and 40 meters wide.

Android N
One of the most attractive features of Android N, automatic updates without user interaction will not be available on Nexus yet.

Android Auto, CarPlay Google, iOS,
In other news, the new Android Auto may find that you have a car a little smarter, even if you have just made an investment in a phone.

The whole thing is generally affordable at its usual $80-90, but as of this writing, Amazon has it down to $60. That’s the lowest it’s been on the site to date.

Nextbit Robin,
While there aren’t a lot of accessories on the market yet for the Nextbit Robin, we’ve rounded up a few items that we think every Robin owner should have.

Oculus released a software update to its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset this week that blocks the use of Revive, a third-party app that allowed for the porting of exclusive Rift VR titles to the rival HTC Vive headset.

Within Astralis change was caused by the rather poor results of the team lately, such as those from DreamHack Malmö Masters.

Blizzard will launch Overwatch on May 24 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and now details have been given about the achievements of participants in Open Beta, which took place earlier this month.

Yahoo bids
Back in 2008, Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo for $45 billion — more than 10 times the figures being thrown about now.

Apple might go back to making a glass iPhone in 2017
One of the iPhone models that Apple will release in 2017 will have a glass body like the iPhone 4 generation had.

google daydream vr
It must be said that to operate the Daydream platform devices must meet a strict set of criteria for compatibility, described in a detailed guide available to OEMs.

assassins creed movie
The story of Assassin's Creed franchise is based on the premise of the same name, but director Justin Kurzel held at all costs the film and something new to offer. And what did he do?

OS X 10.12
As MacRumors reports, Apple plans to unlock OSX 10.12 with an iPhone, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the next Mac OS X .

Wearable technology
Wearable technology -- devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers -- is hugely popular these days. People from every demographic are mapping their fitness accomplishments and keeping tabs on sleep patterns, heart rates and weight loss goals.

Uber Trip Tracker
The folks at Uber will increase confidence in the company's transport services through a system of tracking the race of family members and close friends.

OnePlus 3
If you were to go by what we see in the picture below, we would be tempted to believe that OnePlus 3 will look like an HTC phones.

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